Japan Indonesia Network (JIN) is a Japan Educational Consultant – School Agency in Indonesia, which specifically provides Japanese educational consulting (Japanese Education Consultancy) and complete educational services for Study in Japan. As an educational consultant and schools/universities agency, we provides the following services:

  1. Consultancy of senior high school, Japanese language school, professional training college and university  in Japan.
  2. Registration/enrollment/admission agency for senior high school, Japanese language school, and professional training college in Japan.
  3. Spring program, summer program, autumn program, and winter program for 2 weeks to 3 months in Japan.
  4. Study tour for groups from schools, universities, or communities to Japan.
  5. Educational seminar of study in Japan.

Japan Indonesia Network service principle as follows:

  1. Achievement of your dreams and goals is a top priority of us.
  2. We listen to your needs one-by-one and provide choices to suit those needs.
  3. Together with us, you will save your time, effort and cost for registration, enrollment and departure preparation to Japan.
  4. From anywhere in Indonesia you or your son/daughter can consult with us, via telephone, email, chat, or video-call.
  5. We monitor the progress of your children during their school/college/university in Japan.

Consultation with us can be as follows:

  1. Send an email to info@jin.co.id and explain the goals and needs via email. JIN will answer any questions, explain and convey suggestions and inform the documents that must be prepared if you decide to apply a school/college/university.
  2. Call us via telephone number 022-2045-1463 | 0878-2215-5107 | 0857-2219-2473 | 0812-1477-937. You can choose a phone number corresponding to the telephone provider you use. Outside normal business hours, or on holiday you can contact us through a number 0812-1477-937. The phone will be easier to use for communication when you need a quick response.
  3. Send a message via WhatsApp or LINE. For WhatsApp, we can be contacted at 0812-1477-937. For LINE, send message to LINE ID jin_office.
  4. For remote consultation, you can use a video-call using Skype. Contact us via telephone, WhatsApp or LINE to set the time of video-call using Skype. Add our ID on Skype to your contact: jin_oyama.
  5. By appointment, come to our office in Bandung or in Jakarta, and directly talk to our expert from Japan. Also come to Japanese Educational Seminar which we held regularly in major cities of Indonesia.

Reach your dream with Japan Educational Consultant – School Agency in Indonesia : JAPAN INDONESIA NETWORK

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